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Rooted in Philadelphia, AVERSE CONCEPT is a two-piece modern black metal entity that focuses on raw human emotion to convey a message. The band’s music and lyrics deal with the inner struggles that one may face. AVERSE CONCEPT refuses to resort to gimmicks or falsely portray an ‘evil’ image to gain credibility in the black metal community. Honest artistic expression is the band’s only goal.


In the winter of 2013, AVERSE CONCEPT self-released the Symbol of Loss EP, a concept record examining loss and the attempt to overcome it. Symbol of Loss was met with praise from metal critics around the world. The band is currently working on material for a follow-up release.



I’m convinced that this was a great journey and it’s one sorrowful trip that I’d love to take again.” – [4.5/5] New Noise Magazine

…the careful consideration of their audience, teeming riff ideas, and crisp production make Symbol of Loss an utter necessity” – [8/10] DeadRhetoric.com

Passionate, often gripping and ag- gressive black metal…” – Destructive Music




A Farace-Vocals/Guitars/Bass P Lujan – Drums

Contact: AverseConcept@gmail.com

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