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Autumn Leaves
“As Night Conquers Day”
1999, Serious Entertainment

Autumn Leaves - As Night Conquers Day

Autumn Leaves returns with their second full-length release, entitled “As Night Conquers Day”. After reading other reviews for this album their first release “Embraced by the Absolute”, it seems as if a lot of the reviewers are listening to this music with expectations of a brutal death metal band. Quite the contrary, despite some heavy breakdowns, Autumn Leaves plays a much more melodic style of music. “As Night Conquers Day” is an interesting mix of melody and doom/death. Vocally, lows are predominant with highs sneaking through from time to time. The guitars are thick and melodically flowing. The drumming is a little bit rock-n-roll-ish at times, perhaps similar to some of the Swedish Melodic Black/Death drums such as Sacrilege and Sacramentum, but also boasts a good bit of double bass and an occasional blast (maybe a few times throughout). Overall, this release is brilliant and very melancholic. Although not quite as aggressive as “Embraced by the Absolute”, “As Night Conquers Day” is still in a very similar vein.



1. The Reign Supreme

2. Revolution 21

3. Another Day, Another Demon

4. Empty Black Stare

5. Resigning from Life

6. As Night Conquers Day

7. Autumn Fever

8. The Present Past

9. Shadowland

10. The Discovery



Boris Tandrup – Bass

Egil H. Maden – Drums

Thomas Andersen – Guitars

Flemming C. Lund – Guitars

Torsten Madsen – Vocals



Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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