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Aureole - Alunar

Solo project of M.S.; Aureole debuts with this full length entitled Alunar. Atmosphere reigns in this album as the songs flow into each other with grace. Following in the steps of band such as Darkspace, Lustre and Xasthur among other atmospheric projects, this album full of layered guitars keys and drums followed by periods of solitary atmosphere. One of the aspects of this album that really grabs my attention is the use of a bell layered over the snare sound. This projects the sound through the mix and adds a spacey sound to the snare. Something I really enjoyed. Among the rest of the instruments, nothing really stood out from each other, which provides the atmosphere for this music but can be lacking in substance for a fan of this music. Much of the music is much brighter and happier than some of the bands that inspired this sound such as Xasthur. The keyboard tone lends a great deal to this as well.


The whole album is seen as a concept; a tale of a mystic destructive castle that roams space. The music definitely goes well with the concept and it is quite relaxing to listen to. To be released on cassette by Fallen Empire Records soon.




I: Citadel Alunar

II: The Voice of Nebular Flame

III: The Senility of The Hourglass

IV: Crusade of NGC 5128

V: Alunar, Decrepit…




M.S. –Everything

Rating: 9 out of 10


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