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Atra Hora was founded by Yanis ‘Shaxu’ Georgiadi (formerly Xul; guitars, music) and Ashkael (vocals) in mid-2006. A year later the band had recorded a Raw Black Metal demo “They Go” during the rehearsal and then it has been released by the Russian underground label The Kether Crown Prods as Pro-CD’r. After several gigs in the South of Russia Ashkael, Leon (bass) and Rodomag (guitars) left the band. Alextos Georgiadi (aka Domination, Bass/Vocals) became a new front man and the style changed to Atmospheric Dark Death Metal with elements of various genres.


The band started recordings sessions of a full-length album with the following line-up:

Alextos ‘Domination’ Georgiadi – bass, lead vocals

Yanis ‘Shaxu’ Georgiadi – guitars, backing and clean vocals

Genrih – drums & percussion


The session took place at Darknagar Records studio assisted by a talented musician and producer Armand Quenteres (Sacratus, ex-Dolor Al Reves). The album was finished in November, 2009. Long negotiations with Russian and foreign labels were unsuccessful. However, the growth of the metal-scene of the Northern Caucasus generally ignored by the most of informational sources induced Alextos Georgiadi and Armand Quenteres to expand activities of Darknagar Records to a record label. Thus the first full-length album of Atra Hora named “Lost in the Depths” has become a debut release of the new label. The artwork for CD was created by W.Smerdulak, a famous Russian artist and designer (Asguard, Dark Princess, Devilish Distance, Forgive Me Not, Inexist, Anachronaeon, Rossomahaar, etc). The album received a lot of positive feedbacks among critics and ambiguous assessment of listeners accustomed to band’s early recordings.


In 2010 Neit Shu (keyboards) and Nicolaos ‘Ijhi’ Stryukov (guitar) joined the band. With such line-up Atra Hora begins the recording of a new album Via Combusta which contains darker and more atmospheric stuff in compare with the previous one and is colored with Greek ethnics. Three songs on the album are performed in Greek language.


Alextos and Yanis Georgiadi also run a side-project Tristesse Aeternum.

Alextos ‘Domination’ Georgiadi: Bass, Vocals, Narrations

Yanis ‘Shaxu’ Georgiadi: Guitars, Clean & Harsh Vocals

Nicolaos ‘Ijhi’ Stryukov: Guitars

Neit-Shu: Keyboards

Genrih: Drums & Percussion


2008 – They Go… [Demo, The Kether Crown Prods]

2010 – Lost in the Depths (full-length CD, Darknagar Records)

Atra Hora - Lost in the Depths

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