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“Lost In The Depths”

Atra Hora - Lost in the Depths

Atra Hora which means “Black Hour” is a Russian Melodic Black/Death Metal band. They Open this CD up with Self Titled Track called “Atra Hora”. The thing I really enjoyed most is how every song sounds totally different. This band gives a doomy type feel, which I really love. Of course there are certain tracks that everyone will like a little more then others. I think for me on this 10 song CD the ones that stick out the most are songs such as: Holocaust, Nuclear December and War Under the Sign Of Baphomet. I would definitely recommend everyone to check out this band. They are awesome.



1. Atra Hora

2. Journey to the Chaos

3. They Go

4. Awaking of the Unholy

5. War Under the Sign of Baphomet

6. Holocaust

7. Requiem for Human Tribe

8. Nuclear December

9. Dark Corners of Universe

10. Voice of the Forgotten Depths



Alextos Domination Georgiadi – Bass/Vocals

Genrih – Drums

Yanis “Shaxu” Georgiadi – Guitars/Backing Vocals


Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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