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“The Human Burden”


Atheos - The Human Burden

On their sophomore effort “The Human Burden”, Atheos (the Latin form of atheist) spew forth a devastating brew of Technical Death at its finest. Interweaving crucial elements such as superb musical ability, skin blistering brutality, and throat tearing vocals all without being redundant. As the 7 tracks unfolded, their prodigious formula proved infallible time and time again as my aural cavities were pummeled by the sonic decimation being unleashed. Softer, discordant instrumental passages provide quick reprieve before more chaos ensues and the solo work is simply stunning. Standout tracks such as opener “Ominous Adversary” and “Beneath The Names” bury most other Technical Death rivals, and put Atheos amongst the upper echelon of the genre. Each member seems to harness their talents, showcasing not only individual competency, but adding an extra definitive weight and dimension to the entity known as Atheos. After some line up changes since “The Death of Utopia” EP in 2009, let us hope Atheos don’t wait another 5 years to release another dark offering of this spectacular magnitude.




1. Ominous Adversary

2. Shroud of Primacy

3. The Human Burden

4. Throes of Devotion

5. The Language of the Martyrs

6. Beneath the Names

7. Towers Entombed




Shane Kiernan – Vocals

John Byrne – Guitars

John Sullivan – Guitars

Eddie O’Malley – Bass

Wayne Walsh – Drums

Rating: 8 out of 10

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