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As The Monster Becomes - Renascentia

There are a lot of fusions going on with ATMB. The vocals switch between Death Metal and Black Metal. The guitar goes from frenetic arpeggiation to a little fa la la prog metal. Does it work? Yes in short but some of the arrangements take some getting use to. I love high Black Metal vocals, the kind that sound like live the singer may just hit a note that makes people in the audience craps themselves. This gets close here. The best song for me here is Horror Massacre vol II. It is heavy and relentless. If you like technical guitar, moshy rhythms and schizo change ups then ATMB may be for you I would recommend giving them a listen.




1. Ascension

2. The End Of All Sins

3. Revelation

4. Happy Easter, Jesus Will Not Respawn

5. Horror Massacre Vol. II

6. The Uncoming Wish




Michele Valpondi – Vocals
Alessandro Guerresi – Guitars
Cristian Soncini – Bass



Rating: 7 out of 10


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