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Arsaidh - Roots

A soundtrack for a battle. This is the only way I can explain this record. This band incorporates so many different elements, in “Carved In Stone” there is even a bit of world music incorporated into the ambient black metal sound of this band, which caught me completely off guard and was a breath of fresh air and something original, something lacking in the extreme metal scene. The use of some symphonic type elements definitely sets it apart, they used it in a way that you can actually FEEL what the instruments are trying to tell you. “Saorsa” is, in my opinion, the best track on the record. The intro is just epic. Choirs, guitars, there is so many things going on it takes more than one listen to catch it all. All in all, these dudes have created something so unique sounding that you can’t help but listen over and over just to catch everything that goes into every song.



1. Roots

2. Carved In Stone

3. Saorsa

4. A Highland Lament




Andy Marshall – All instruments/Vocals



Rating: 10 out of 10

~Erik Dismembered

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