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ArkhaM is a band of “melodic death metal” from the town of El Bolson (Rio Black) formed with the current name in 2011-2012 about. The band was originally known under the name of Croaton, which made his first appearance in 2008, in the town of puelo lake (Chubut).


Historia: at the beginning of the band, the name was Croaton, 2008 and was originally oriented towards melodic death metal band maintained a continuity of a year and a half, during that course had two presentations. The first was at a concert of local bands and the second was for the first metal fest held in Lake puelo, with bands in the region, Bariloche, Esquel and Lago Puelo. After these presentations remained inactive until 2011-2012, in that year he returned under the name of ArkhaM.


Currently it remains active, has a demo of 3 songs, recorded in a home by members, it can be heard from the band page, where also their download links. Since returning to the tables made several presentations in the region (Bolsón- Bariloche) and has shared the stage with bands like, Serpentor, Eternal Grave, Mastifal and Lethal among others.



Oscar Orcellet (voz)

Juan Thedy (guitarra)

Fabio Nahuelquir (guitarra)

Leonel Martinez (bajo)

Ariel Sanchez (batería)

Former Members:

Dulvar lara (voz)

Lautaro Vega (guitarra)

Diego (bajo)

Jeremias Tagarielo (batería)

Martin Garrido (batería- ahora tocando en Sufrixio)







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