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Architect of Disease - Open the Heart
Formerly known as Iugulatus, they changed their name to Architect of Disease on 2012 after a lineup change. Open the Hearts is their first CD since the name change. This CD starts out heavy right off the bat and doesn’t hesitate at all. There are definitely some death metal influences present here. The vocals especially have that death metal feel. The vocals are a mix of growls and harsh, angry shouts that fit in perfectly with the music. I really loved the riffing on this album; it was very melodic at times. All of the music was done in a way that wasn’t over-powering in any way and created a sort of eerie atmosphere throughout the entire album. I would recommend this album to anyone that was a fan of either black metal or death metal.




1. Leviathan Prayer

2. Bones Regime

3. In the Blaze of Havoc

4. Without Divine Intervention

5. Open the Hearts

6. Rejection of the World

7. Devour the Sun




Wilku – Vocals

Markiz – Guitars

Matys – Guitars

Morbid M – Bass

Michael – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10


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