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Arcane North was conceived in late 2013 by William. Feeling the desire to create dark and mysterious yet at times beautiful black metal, William began work on the first musical output. Based in the North East of England, William drew inspiration from his surroundings. From the bleakness of the moors, to the verdant greenery of the valleys and through his own dreams, nightmares and darkest fantasies, the concept of the Arcane North was born. Enter a land where dreams and reality unite Enter a world where the darkness engulfs your soul Enter a secret place where your mind can wander Enter the Arcane North.


ENTER THE ARCANE NORTH Through the months of February to May 2014 the debut offering ‘Enter the Arcane North’ was written and recorded entirely by sole member, William. 3 tracks of dark, hypnotic black metal with a sense of melody and orchestration. Close friends of William have likened Arcane North’s sound to a crossover between Summoning and Burzum.


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