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This Blessed Sleep”


Ara - The Blessed Sleep

Ara kicks ass! This is well produced Technical Death Metal. If you love Dying Fetus like I do I think you will really like this CD. I really love the vocals on this. They sit right in the production with a force and a brutality not all Death Metal singers have. They do not overdo the vocal doubling effect some bands use for dynamics. The riffing is top notch and does not over ride the songs. All in all I call this a strong effort, I would put on my flash drive to play in the car.




1. Entitled Ascension

2. Demise of Reason

3. The Blessed Sleep

4. Despair Personified

5. Abyssal Banishment




James Becker – Bass/Vocals

Erik Stenglein – Drums

Jerry Hauppa – Guitars

Adam Bujny – Vocals

Jon Liedtke – Guitars



Rating: 8 out of 10


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