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Kathaarian Vortex”


Apolokia - Kathaarian Vortex

This is retro Black Metal. Yes Mayhem comes to mind but not really the same thing. I really want to like Apolokia, there is a lack of dynamics and distinct changes.  There are places on the Cd like Malignant Asphyxiation and Coil of Nihilism where a deeper tone is used with the vocals that I really like and would have like to heard more of.  I like what they are doing and going for. You could totally zone out to a CD like this simply for the repetition if you like Death Metal. I love raw production but I really think this could have been a stronger effort. The tin like reverb sound gives it that feel like they are playing from the pit of hell and would accent nicely the soundtrack to DungeonMaster 2 if they ever make a sequel. Hope,Hope.




1. Consolamentum

2. Post Kristus Daemonolatry

3. In Figuram Baphometis

4. Order of the Nine

5. Malignant Asphyxiation

6. Kathaarian Vortex

7. Signum Satani

8. Coil of Nihilism

9. Pure Imperial Darkness MMXII








Von Blackfrost – Drums

Lord Verminaard – Vocals/Guitars/Bass



Rating: 6 out of 10


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