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APOKEFALE was formed in august 2002. 


2002 the band record first demo “Fast frozen future”(Self-released). Apokefale spent the next year touring extensively… Show after show… And only in 2005 the band unleashed its highly anticipated debut album “Interior Chaos” (Serpent’s Lair prods.)


In 2005-2008 have shared the stage with: Tours with (in Russia and Ukraine: Pungent Stench, Hate, Crionics, Rotting Christ, Animosity, Dead Infection, Darzamat and many other bands.


In 2008 Apokefale recorded “Apokefale” album : “Call them what you want, black metal, death core, modern metal, post metal call it what you will. APOKEFALE have invited their listeners to journey with them into uncharted territory and unbroken ground with the release of their provocative new album, APOKEFALE Extremely original modern metal with experimental structures, devastating waves of sound in between black metal and death math metal with mix IDM/industrial psychosis and experimental insanity, this is the music of the new millennium. For fans of Between The Buried And Me, Despised Icon, Converge, Mastodon, Satyricon!!!”

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