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I Wish You Death”


Antim Grahan - I Wish You Death

Fucking Awesome!!!! Parash Shakya’s vocals are intense, sincere and perfect for this combination of Black Metal and Death Metal. Every song on here is great. Vicious Majestic Endeavors has this break that sounds like pure King Diamond, and since King is god and can do no wrong I was sold. Heaven Ends Here is the best infusion of their Black/Death hybrid. Even if you are not the biggest Black Metal fan you may find a lot to like here and they may convert your.




1. Upon the Liar of Demon God

2. Heaven Ends Here

3. I Wish You Death

4. Vicious Majestic Endeavors

5. Glorious Funeral Winterland




Kundan Shrestha – Bass

Surya Pun – Drums

Bhaskar Swar – Guitars

Pankaj Shakya – Guitars

Niraj Shakya – Keyboards

Parasj Shakya – Vocals



Rating: 10 out of 10


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