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Antigama - Meteor

Antigama is an assault full force with some exceptions. The production is not raw but refined grindcore. There are these strange moments that break up the auditory pummeling such as Turbulence where you might think you got Rick Rolled with a Dream Theater song. The same thing with Stargate, it is a nice interlude. The is a heavy assed album, and if I was playing it with the windows rolled down in my town, people would roll their car windows up. Fed By The Feeling is the standout track for me. I have listened to it several times which a big deal for me if I am not familiar with a particular band. If I had a complaint it would simply be that the album cover does not send the message that this is not a Dream Theater album. Even the song titles send a light message but I am a big fan of irony so kudos.




1. Collapse

2. The Key

3. Prophecy

4. Meteor

5. Fed by the Feeling

6. Crystal Tune

7. Stargate

8. The Signal

9. Turbulence

10. Perfect Silence

11. Untruth




Sebastian Rokicki – Guitars

Lukasz Myszkowski – Vocals

Pawel Jaroszewicz – Drums

Sebastian Kucharski – Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10


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