Anti-Clone Review




Stampede Press UK

Release Date: 27th July 2016

By: Pagan Hel


Anti-Clone – Boston, Lincolnshire


Genre: Nu-Metal


This is a bit of a sick and twisted piece of Nu-Metal. The band look suspiciously like Industrial fiends and sing like punks, how about that for the record! It’s hardly surprising they are the most talked about underground metal band. Anti-Clone – more like a Cyclone as the fiendish rhythms screw with your mind!

 As Mr Clone explains, “The lesser key of Solomon states that he giveth true answers of things past, present, and to come, and can discover all secrets. The new video explores a man performing an invocation of this demon, to reveal the true nature of this world.” And here’s me thinking the answer was 42!

There is a lot of meaning behind the band’s debut album ‘The Root of Man’ from the Original Sin of human emotion to cold lifeless machines, in fact Anti-Clone come across as knowing a thing or two that perhaps we don’t!

‘Astaroth’ focuses its attention on “(Rebellion against the institutionalised control exhibited by people in power throughout human history. Astaroth, being the demon of hidden knowledge, acting as the rallying figure for people to stand up enlightened and say: ‘no more’”) Something that perhaps we should all do at least once in a while!

Astaroth certainly pummels its way from the speakers and pulverises with a stomping frenzy that chomps at the bit so to speak and exercises its command over the listener. It holds a ‘roar’ power particularly with the chorus that is catchy and quite hypnotic truth be known.

It’s a dirty groove and inexplicable rhythms that add spice to the track, although I can’t help but think a really extreme vocal rasping wouldn’t go amiss here to make this track sound like it is truly demonised and not just punky! But that’s just my take on things – (thinking what if Aesthetic Perfection got hold of this track?)

It is one thing though and that’s catchy!





Mr Clone – Lead vocals

Con – Guitars and backing vocals

Lam – Guitars and backing vocals 

Mike – Bass guitar

Drew – Drums / programming

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