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Anhaguama (‘Future demon’ in Tupi Guarani) is a band that was formed in November 2007, enemies of weakness and willing to destroy the false gods behold starts the journey horde Anhaguama, in alliance with the fallen angels. In its beginnings thehorde had drummer Sammhael that after a period of two months left the band for personal reasons and is replaced by Necromanscius Apocalypticus. In order to practice the purest and brutal Death Metal, influenced by old school of the 80’s and 90’s of Vulgar Era. In January 2008 are started recording the EP “In Alliance with the Fallen Angels” on Z7 studio located in Vila Madalena Sao Paulo / SP – Brazil, production of this artifact is due to the horde Anhaguama and Tadeu Martinez. The EP contains four songs of cult of death, darkness and destruction. It was released by Sinistra Vivendi Productions with the first pressing of one thousand copies, in the format CDr. Disclosure will be directed to the underground.

The Horde has the current line-up:

Gaius Cassius Longinus – guitars / vocals

Necromanscius Apocalypticus – drums / vocals

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