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Through the Archdemon’s Head”


Anguish - Through the Archdemon's Head

I like Doom Metal, this CD is like a return to days of old, as if someone took a Pentagram album and slowed it down. One is also reminded of Saint Vitus. The album cover, which portrays a cabin that has a decapitated fox on a pike outside, might not foretell the wonders within. But if you need something gloomy for background music this CD covers the bill. Illusive Damnation is the stand out track and I like Book of Fox. The vocals call to mind the growls of Cronos. But I like to invoke Venom whenever I can.




1. (Intro) Through the Archdemon’s Head

2. Book of Fox

3. When the Ancients Dare to Walk

4. Dawn of Doom

5. Lair of the Gods

6. Illusive Damnation

7. The Veil

8. Morbid Castle




David – Guitars

J.Dee – Vocals/Bass

Rasmus – Drums



Rating: 7 out of 10


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