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Anger As Art - Hubris Inc

When I started listing to this CD I thought I was gonna have to write my first negative review. Luckily after I got through the intro track Hubris inc. and Time Devours Life the album becomes all kinds of awesome. There are some hints of Black Metal that just don’t work in Time Devours Life and the singer goes high and bitey which would fit the song but here come across brash and unpleasant. Once Gods of Hate kicks in the album rules and is reminiscent of Kreator and Destruction. One exception though, there is a female voice on Rage and Retribution that just feels out of place. If It had not been for tracks 1,2 and 13 this would be a perfect album for me. Anger Is The Reason and Speed Kills are stand outs. This would be a 10 for me but because of those three tracks.




1. Hubris Inc.

2. This Is Why I Hate

3. Pieces of Red

4. Divided We Fall

5. As the Exalted Seethe

6. Time Devours Life

7. The Evil You Create

8. Gods of Hate

9. Pearls Before Swine

10. Anger Is the Reason

11. Never Forgive, Never Forget

12. Head of the Snake

13. Rage and Retribution

14. Speed Kills




Rob Alaniz – Drums

Danny Oliverio – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Steve Gaines – Vocals/Guitars

Eric Bryan – Bass



Rating: 9 out of 10


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