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“The Inexorable”
1999, Osmose Productions

Angelcorpse - The Inexorable

Following Angelcorpse’s recent move to the swamps of central Florida, comes their third full length release entitled “The Inexorable”. A true titan in the genre of fast and relentless death/black metal, Angelcorpse storms forth with this incursion of unholy rage. From beginning to end, “The Inexorable” lashes back and forth at extreme speeds with a hectic mastery of instruments that will simply not let go. The vocals, a fierce stream of monotonous severity, keep a steady and firm grasp on the progression of this album. The guitars, underlined by the buzzing rupture of the bass, spew discordant aural destruction at its finest. The drums, a torrential rain of blood pounding the listener with an endless assault of blinding speed. Drummer Tony Laureano(ex-Acheron and session drummer for Aurora Borealis’ “Mansions of Eternity”) has joined forces with Angelcorpse to create a powerful expression of fiendish musical terror. A fitting end for 1999, “The Inexorable” simply slaughters. A very powerful display of skill and brutality for those of you lucky enough to experience their live performance.



1. Stormgods Unbound

2. Smoldering in Exile

3. Reaver

4. Wolflust

5. As Predator to Prey

6. Solar Wills

7. Begotten (Through Blood & Flame)

8. The Fall of the Idols of Flesh




Pete Helmkamp – Vocals/Bass

Gee Palubicki – Guitars

Tony Laureano – Drums


Rating: 9 out of 10


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