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Bloodshed and Violence”


Ancesttral - Bloodshed and Violence

This is the kind of EP you want to get, because it totally leaves you wanting more. The title track Bloodshed and Violence is good old thrash with vocals sound a lot like early Hetfield with out the high raspy zing. There is however some breaks in the thrash that reminds me of Nickleback, and I thought I was mistaken until I got to the last track Trust. Still a heavy song, but very Nicklebackish with the guitars. The good guys of Ancesttral have also included a cover by Black Sabbath, I. I is a great song with a legendary vocalist, even under that long great shadow of Dio they do a great job doing their own version and as a Sabbath fan I did not feel violated. I want to hear a lot more so from Ancesstral.




1. Bloodshed and Violence

2. Trust

3. I (Black Sabbath cover)




Renato Canonico – Bass

Denis Grunheidt – Drums

Leonardo Brito – Lead Guitar

Alexandre Grunheidt – Vocals/Guitars



Rating: 8 out of 10


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