Anata Review


The Infernal Depths of Hatred (Reissue)

9 Track Album

Kaoskvlt Records

Release Date: 21st October 2016

By: Pagan Hel


Anata – Mulhouse, Alsace, France




2017 – TBA

2016 – “The Infernal Depths of Hatred” [reissue]

2006 – “The Conductor’s Departure”

2004 – “Under a Stone with no Inscription”

2001 – “Dreams of Death and Dismay”

1999 – “Split EP w/ Bethzaida”

1998 – “The Infernal Depths of Hatred”

Genre: Death Metal



“ANATA’s 1998 classic debut full-length on vinyl for the first time ever at last! Back in 1993, Death Metal had started taking a turn towards either more melody-driven stuff in Europe (At The Gates and most of the Gothenburg scene) or way more brutal stuff in the US (Suffocation and the likes…) but one band, formed that same year in Varberg (Sweden), stood out from all trends and that one band was the only able to fill the gap between the two different directions: ANATA. Released in 1998 through then recently launched French label Season of Mist, ANATA’s debut, “The Infernal Depths of Hatred”, took the unsuspecting Death Metal scene by storm combining a sped up version of the trademark melodic, catchy and up tempo Gothenburg “New Wave of Swedish Death Metal” sound (At The Gates, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity…) with faster, relentless, heavy parts influenced by the rawer, darker and heavier typical US Death Metal of that time (Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse…). Specially remastered for analogue physical supports by gifted sound engineer Frédéric Motte at his own Conkrere studio (Loudblast remasters, Gorod, Otargos, Putrid Offal…) and coming with a bonus Morbid Angel cover version (“Day of Suffering”) from ANATA’s 1999 “War, vol. II” split with Bethzaida, the album’s collector first press, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, comes as a yellow and black marbled vinyl in high-quality 300g sleeve with matte lamination and 170g lyrics insert!”


It has been said before that when you hear people mention France or the French they think of romantic walks down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées or a stroll up the Eiffel Tower, nobody would ever associate death metal from the Country at all. But so many death metal bands have emerged from France proving it isn’t all romance! Anata started in 1998 and have well and truly run the boards of extreme death metal and in my opinion deserves to be shouted from the rooftops!

‘Let the Heavens Hate’ comes with a snap, crackle and sizzle as it molests the audial in dangerous pursuit of a scathing vocal captivation and highly charged rhythmic magnitude! Its fast paced momentum is damming and brutal till the end.

‘Released when you are dead’ is a crazed and raging slab of indescribable rhythms that melt into a vehement frenzy!

‘Under Azure Skies’ holds a deliberate rhythm that chips up under a hammering of dark beats. It then starts its climb into a thickening momentum that gradually quickens and evil personified in the shape of a low toned growl takes over.

‘Vast Lands / Infernal Gates’ has a booming but cordial sound as it kicks in with tenacity and irresistible hooks. The steely tones cloak the aural and instantly the volume is extended to capture its essences in the raw.


“How can one band create so much evil intent on one album? Anata are indeed the masters of their game and this album is living proof! The music bristles with pumped rhythms that are quick to captivate the ears and viciously erupt into a malevolent force!”


‘Slain Upon His Altar’ gives the listener a respite from all the gnarliness and goes on a pleasant journey of strings that are vibrant and uplifting but then in true death metal fashion it all changes and thrusts the listener into a storm that batters and berates with brutal honesty, and then with a slight turn towards its softer side before brutalising the ears once more. Superb track!

‘Those Who Lick the Wounds of Christ’ is a really somber affair as the strong sounds emanate and once again snap with tethered anger into a run of rhythmic endeavour. The melodic core makes for a sweet and evocative landscape that stretches further giving out rhythmic pulses that cannot be ignored!

‘Dethrone the Hypocrites’ launching into a death defying screech it’s fast paced booming melee meets itself coming back! The bounce the guitars create are addictive and coaxing, seductive even, adding in further flames to the colossal sound.

‘Aim not at the Kingdom High’ gives the senses something to think about as the booming riffs captivate with sheer compelling and potent energy! Vocally pleasing as they rumble past the ears reaching soaring heights and depths beyond hell.

‘Day of Suffering [Morbid Angel cover]’ sounding far more vengeful than the original and much faster paced Anata have made this track their own. It is a lot sharper in delivery and has a great chug running through its veins.


How can one band create so much evil intent on one album? Anata are indeed the masters of their game and this album is living proof! The music bristles with pumped rhythms that are quick to captivate the ears and viciously erupt into a malevolent force.

Inescapably infectious with tons of appealing qualities Anata certainly know what buttons to press when they demand attention! But then again they have eighteen years on the scene and in that time perfected the death metal genre!

Time to get acquainted with Anata if you haven’t already!




Track List:

Let the Heavens Hate

Under Azure Skies

Vast Lands / Infernal Gates

Slain Upon His Altar

Those Who Lick the Wounds of Christ

Dethrone the Hypocrites

Aim Not at the Kingdom High

Day of Suffering [Morbid Angel cover]



Fredrik Schälin – Guitars & Vocals

Andreas Allenmark – Guitars

Henrik Drake – Bass

Robert Petersson – Drums 

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