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This is a pretty easy review to write. Among Gods is pretty awesome stuff. It is like Amon Amarth meets Doom like Black Metal because of the subject matter. City of the Dead is a totally awesome track and I could listen to it over and again. It ends strong with The Plague which a little more on the melodic doom side. If you want Viking Metal without all the warfare this is the CD for you. Looking forward to more stuff from Among Gods.




1. Crucifixion

2. Martyr

3. The Night Procession

4. The Plague

5. The City of the Dead

6. Apocalypse




Hauk – Bass

Geir Sjo Myklebust – Drums

Roland “Rost” Rotne – Guitars

Kenneth “Ripper” Olsen – Vocals

Broke – Guitars



Rating: 9 out of 10


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