Akouphenom Bio


Started as a side project of Dragon (guitars and vocals) and Prgich (drums) from their respective bands (Wardead and Devil Inside), they met to play a Black Death Metal lead to progressive context around January of 2014. Pandemia entered some months later to put on double lines of guitars, harmonies and solos, and Silvara entered in April of 2015 to play basses, closing the complete formation of Ako├║phenom. During summer and fall of 2015, they started the recording of the EP Flesh Sublimation, publishing it in December of 2015 by his own. Until today, Ako├║phenom were playing live around their homeland. They also made an Split with La Hija del Carronero, published on Christ Fucking Christ Records on summer of 2016. Actually they are preparing the recording sessions to her first LP and close his initial phase as a band.


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