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The cover of this album has a black moon that has turned into Pac Mac and vomited up a Picasso painting in black and white. So I had not idea what to expect but what I got was Doom Metal, not like Sword but like if the Singer from Clutch made a Doom album and decided to try and sing like Cronos from Venom. A good deal of the music here is what I call mid paced which is natural for Doom but King of Thieves gets thrashy and what stands out is the fuzz tones on the guitars that give it a little something extra. The press release said that this was recorded in 4 days and while the recording does not sound over produced the band seems pretty tight. Don’t let the cover on this one throw you off, it is not avant-garde or “artsy”.




1. Like Embers

2. The King of Thieves

3. The Antagonist

4. Black Rain

5. At First Light

6. Red Eyes

7. Cold Cycle

8. A Rite of Passage




Sonny Stark – Vocals
Carlos Ibarra – Guitars
Björn Pettersson – Guitars
André Robsahm – Bass
Sven Lindsten – Drums



Rating: 7 out of 10


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