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Aeon Winds is a atmospheric black metal band, with ambient elements from Slovakia. Project Aeon Winds was formed in 2007 by Svarthen. During the year 2008 first material of the band was recorded called Aeon. This demo was later (in 2010) released by Slovak label Tryzna Productions, limited to 100 CD-R. After the recording session Axoris joined the band to play guitar and bass and Askold to play the drums. This lineup recorded debut album entitled Those who will remain silent forever. Album was released in year 2012 on German labels Naturmacht Productions (CD version) and Raging Bloodlust (12 LP). Gianna from Depresy and Sladuban joined the band as live members to play keyboards and bass but early in the 2010 Axoris left the band. He was replaced by Namtar who later became permanent member of the band which later played several gigs including mini tour in 2012 in order to support release of the album. Lineup for this mini tour consisted of Svarthen (lead guitar and vocals), Namtar (rhythm guitar), Askold (drums) and Gard (bass). In the second half of the year band started recording session of new material (split with Midnight Odyssey, Vredehammer, Svartalv) this time with Morhen handling bass duties.


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