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Nocturnal Glorification”


Aegeon - Nocturnal Glorification

Depressive Suicidal Black Metal is a genre I have a love/hate relationship with , I am pretty well versed with who does it well …and who doesn’t . Just YouTube ” DSBM” and filter though the shit , because lets face it there is a lot of it floating around. With the said genre it can range from decently produced , well played albums to really terrible bedroom recorded guitars , howls from a million miles away which are hardy decipherable to crappily programmed drum machines. I have had my rant now so on with the review….So here we have Aegeon , a one man band from Finland and he has thankfully in this case  given us a decent approach at the genre and is pretty well produced and played , but it isn’t without its faults either . 


The album kicks off in fine form and the first few tracks set the toe for the rest of the album. I particularly enjoyed the third track  ” From The Sins In Perpetual Darkness”, it has plenty of melancholy and emotion flowing through out the song and creates a foreboding imminent blackness.


There are times through the album that i am reminded of the mighty Veles or Abyssic Hate (possibly the guitar tone on display here). There are some keyboards sprinkled in there too which add atmosphere and melancholy to the proceedings and are very welcome indeed. 


Only real gripe I have with this album is that i wish the vocals were left to be a little more raw, it has that ” I’m screaming down a phone ” sound to it, it may be Kvlt to some people but not this guy.


Overall this is an ” enjoyable ” listen, yes i know its DSBM and its not mean to evoke happiness and its meant to make you want to end it all but this really was a joy to listen to. 


Worth picking up and a decent addition to the DSBM genre. Recommended.




1. Transient, Ethereal Veil

2. Glorification of the New Pandemia

3. From The Sins in Perpetual Darkness

4. Awakening

5. The Cult of the October

6. Rain of a Thousand Year

7. The Eternal March of the Nameless




Lord Aegeon – All instruments/Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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