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ADE - Spartacus

Here we have  hybrid sounds. What I would compare to Black Metal mixed with Viking Metal intercut by momenst of the soundtracks from the Rome and Spartacus series by way of Tyler Bates from 300. The icing on the cake for me being the great guitar riffing. If you like songs with well place guitar runs this CD has a lot to offer. There are moments where I think of Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth but they are not overwhelming, the spirit of the music is ancient warfare and not war on god. This is where they really separate from the Black Metal influence and the Viking kicks in with hints of technical Death Metal. The CD is consistent and I would say the second half is stronger than the first half. Dueling with the Shadow of Spartacus is the stand out track for me and For Everything to be the Same ends the CD strong.




1. Betrayer from Thrace

2. Sanguine Pluit in Arena

3. The Endless Runaway

4. Crixius Flags of Dishonor

5. Dueling the Shadow of Spartacus

6. Mars’s Unpredictable Favor

7. Decimate the Coward

8. Six Thousands Crosses

9. Divinitus Victor

10. …for Everything to Be the Same




Flavio – Vocals
Fabio – Guitars
Caligvla – Bass
Nero – Guitars
Giulio – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10


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