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Tyrannikult Unorthodox Goatworship”


Abvulabashy - Tyrammikult Unhortodox Goatworship

This CD is intense. The hatred expressed is palpable, intentional and received. While many Black Metal bands direct their hatred and contempt to the same place there is something a little different going on here. For me the stand out track is Total Extinction of the Judeo Christian God. It is however the titles of the first track and the last track that are boasting some very intense language, with words like Lanatullah and Jahiliya. The sincerity of the execution of the music seems to underly that they are devoutly vehement with just cause and that makes for great jams. I can’t get into comparisons here and give the wrong idea, but if you are into Black Metal, you will find what you are looking for here. If you have the same sort of contempt for the cruelty of mindless sheep you will understand why I give this CD 9 stars.




1. Iblyss Laknatullah: The Expulsion and Annihilation

2. Luciferized Johovah Exterminaton

3. NecroHell Bestial Warfare

4. Total Extinction ov the Judeo Christian God

5. Onslaught ov the Inhimane Battleberserkers

6. Nihilistik Jahilliah Genocide

7. Sinfernal Satanic Disaster

8. Strength Through Annihilation and Blasphemy

9. Iblyss Laknatullah: The Glorification and Domination







Pervertor – Bass/Guitars

Lord Iddimmu Akhkharu – Drums/Vocals



Rating: 9 out of 10


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