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Absvrdist is a grind-core band out of the San Antonio area. This 15 track full-length has some really short songs as well as some instrumentals. Not used to hearing instrumental songs in a grind-core band. This makes them very unique. Even though this type of music isn’t my main music choice I must say I really enjoyed listening to the album. They came along great putting these tracks out. Some songs to look out for are Exposure, Amongst Humans and Abstract Absurdities, which happens to be an song over 4 mins long. I would recommend this album to everyone to check out.



1. Repulsive

2. Exposure

3. Funny Games

4. Mindless

5. Logical Conclusion

6. First World Problems

7. Amongst Humans

8. Illusory

9. Delusion

10. Needful Things

11. Vacant

12. Weakness

13. Shidiot

14. Brood

15. Abstract Absudities





Marlon Friday – Guitars/Bass/Vocals

Lyle Cooper – Drums


Rating: 8 out of 10


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