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Onward to Annihilation”


Abominant - Onward to Annihilation

Kentucky’s own Abominant has been storming strong in the word of death metal since 1993. Carving out a familiar but distinct path through death metal with vicious, heavy guitar riffs, and grand deep growling singing. 2013’s “Onward to Annihilation” is this talented group’s tenth full-length album in twenty years and their experience shines. There in no confusion about what this band wants their sound to be. Strong crushing guitar riffs match with ferocious singing and dynamic “in the pocket” drumming. The record starts with the aptly named song “we are coming” then takes you into its clutches. There is a great sense of momentum and pacing. All together forming an epic, flowing, but somewhat familiar death metal record. Onward to Annihilation doesn’t attempt to re-write the way death metal should be played. What it does is shows that Abominant are veterans of the genre. They know their chosen style and compose their songs with great passion and precision. But just when you feel as though Onward to Annihilation doesn’t have any new tricks to share; the band switches to an almost thrashy sound with the song “hold your ground.” It is a break from the death metal with an upbeat thrash metal meets Merciful Fate sounding track. With eight songs and lasting forty-two minutes, Onward to Annihilation feels just right. This is a powerful death metal album that may not be the most original record you will ever hear but is well crafted by professionals. Abominat have been playing this game for a long time, and their experience shows.




1. We Are Coming

2. Conquerors of Dust

3. Left to Rot (Hypocrisy cover)

4. BattleScarred

5. Onward to Annihilation

6. Hold Your Ground

7. Beside the Dying Flame

8. Legions of Hell







Jim Higgins – Drums

Mike May – Bass

Timmie Ball – Guitars

Mike Barnes – Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10


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