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Light Devours our Lust”


Abominable Carnivore - Light Devours Our Lust

I like it, and let me tell you why. It is raw, and I have always loved when a band lets you hear their work and it is raw, rawer the better. You really listen to the passion and emotion in a way a produced Cd just delivers everything for you. My favorite track is Where Evil Is Born. While a main influence on this particular band appears to be early Deicide, this track made me thinks of legendary Possessed from San Francisco. This is raw like a lot of old Possessed recordings. Another thing I really like about this, the vocals, especially on Dirge of Disbelief. The singer sounds as if he is channeling demons, and this is not a choir, they sound pissed. That being said I would like to hear more from them. This a pretty short CD. You have heard the likes of this before, but everyone does something different within any genre. I applaud those who oppose.




1. Intro

2. Infuse the Demon Seed

3. Dirge of Disbelief

4. Nazara

5. Preacher

6. Where Evil Is Born

7. Outro







Demodulated – Vocals

Sventevith – Bass

Monarch Korvus – Guitars



Rating: 7 out of 10


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