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It all began on January 2007 when Uros Djordjevic (rhythm guitar) decided to form a band which would play Thrash metal and at the beginning he decided to name the band DEVASTATION. The same month Bojan Pesic (solo guitar) joined Uros. Soon after the vocalist Igor Stamenovic entered the band. With Igor’s entry into the band, they started playing Death – Thrash metal, and started work on the first songs. Band was searching for the drummer. On September 2007, Alexandar (ex – drummer) has joined the band, and then they changed the band’s name into ABADDON, as first name was already used by much more famous band and also the new name appealed more though the occult philosophy which band follows. Right after that, they started working on their own material more seriously. Abaddon managed to record first demo in January 2008, but because the sound wasn’t satisfying, band haven’t promoted it much. On February 2008, Jovan Stefanovic (drums) joined the band, and right after that Danilo Mitrovic (bass) also came as bass guitar player. Band started with common rehearsals. Since then, Abaddon had several gigs, including the biggest one- Pirot metal fest, also known as Rock On. In the autumn of 2008 band started work on new assault- “Hatred Manifest” demo. In March 2009, new member joined- Stefan Filipovic keyboards. Hatred manifest demo is finished in March 2009 and it brings 5 monuments of intolerant spiritual extremism. Abaddon’s lyrical themes are based on the strong influence of spiritualism and chaos-occult philosophy, also representing a monument against the modern world. Lyrics are reflection of personal spiritual paths, created to unite with music in poison for Spiritual weak humankind.

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