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A Transylvanian Funeral

Gorgos Goetia”


A Transylvanian Funeral - Gorgos Goetia

Passionate, Beautiful, and Alive.  Three words that would not come to mind with a band with a name like A Transylvanian Funeral.  But that is what is found in this release.  One man Darkthrone style black metal is nothing original, and the lyrical content based upon the occult does not help its cause if being original or innovative is what it seeks.  However I do not think Sleepwalker had in mind when he made this album.  What it found on this release are 12 outstanding tracks of raw black metal in its purest form.  Everything on this album is not only played very well, but is audible even despite its raw production.  As far a production goes I feel an it can only help a band more if it is more clear as everything is heard very well; however, for this release the production suits it fine.  As stated all the instruments are played well, everything from the very audio-able bass which comes as a pleasant surprise considering black metal’s known history of bass.  To the guitars which are very melodic and technical as well, great riffing is played through-out.  To the drums that hold a nice steady pace and played more like what is found in thrash metal, rather then overwhelm the song with thunderous blast beats.  Although again blast beats are great when they are rightfully placed. This music would not benefit from such drumming.  As stated all the songs are played extremely well. Anyone of these 12 tracks would get anyone to headbang, but for me the standout tracks are the songs in the middle of the album.  The songs Fear, Mars Exalted in Capricorn, and Moonchild.  Those three songs are some of the best black metal songs ever written.  And the song Hymn to a Gorgon is epic.  Overall this is a great release with very little flaws.  And the fact that this one man black metal band is from Arizona makes it that much better.  The isolation of the American desert is sometimes all that is needed for a grand black metal album such as this.  And the artwork is wicked as well, it really takes you into the album and brings out a very ancient, ritualistic feel.  Highly Recommended.




1. Cold Blood and Darkness

2. Burning Astral Hunger

3. Light Cast Out

4. The Supreme Rite of Transmutation

5. Fear

6. Mars Exalted in Capricorn

7. Moonchild

8. Night Hags

9. Percival in Black Armor

10. Ten of Swords

11. Hymn to a Gorgon

12. Goliath Resurrected







Sleepwalker – Bass/Drums/Guitars/Vocals



Rating: 9 out of 10


A Transylvanian Funeral

“The Outsider”


A Transylvanian Funeral - The Outsider

12 tracks of mid and fast paced Black Metal from this one man band hailing from Tucson, Arizona USA. Although this release does have two slow tracks, for the most part this is fast and dark. Sleepwalker the brain behind the band handles all instruments. My only complaints about this album are the use of a piano which I can look past, and that the vocals are hard to hear sometimes. Other than that, this is a great release. I was really surprised and found myself wanting to stick my tongue out and head bang. The vocals are primitive and perfect for this release. The guitars sound great and each song has really good riffs. Sleepwalker is very talented. Cool song titles and a very underground looking front cover. I love all the sound effects and weird atmospheres created in “The Outsider”. A lot of dynamics make this album pretty well rounded. Think Swedish Black Metal. Sounds like 66 minutes of Black Metal magic to me!



1. Syzygy

2. Winter’s Worm

3. Worship a Dead Fucking Goat

4. Premonitions

5. Dismembered by Spirits

6. A Ghoul Rising from the Grave

7. Creation of My Phylactery

8. Going Blind

9. When Sky and Ocean Are One

10. To Die in the Dark

11. Bilocation in the Garden of Forking Paths

12. The Outsider





Sleepwalker – Bass/Drums/Guitars/Vocals

Sojurner – Additional Vocals


Rating: 8 out of 10

~Rob of Necrodemon

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