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The idea behind the A2aThoT project lies in one word: experimental. Starting from a very psychedelic and experimental Doom Metal, inspired by many bands of different genres (Anathema, Sunn O))), Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Radiohead, Jane’s Addiction, System Of A Down, Neurosis, Ufomammut, Cathedral, Isis, Russian Circles, Queens Of The Stone Age, Pentagram, Opeth, etc.), A2aThoT mixes all sorts of music into a weird combination of metal, psychedelic, electronic, ambient, drone sounds.


If you want to truly experience this music, you should try to listen to it with headphones on and no distraction, or you could miss some of the many nuances that each song features.


The project is a one man band, playing all instruments and vocals (except for some featuring’s), recording, mixing, and engineering everything. This “self-production statement” wants to remind to everyone that you don’t need so much to make music, as long as you truly feel it inside of you.


In 2012, A2aThoT published his first, self-produced album (“A2aThoT”), available on his official website. The album gets quite good feedbacks, but it’s still not very convincing for A2aThoT himself, who finds it too confusing and not very focused on the music genre he has in mind.


In August 2012, he release a metal cover of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, a sort of parody of this famous song. It’s only for YouTube users, and it’s not available in any form apart from the video. It reaches more than 1000 views in a matter of few weeks, with no promotion at all except A2aThoT himself.


In late 2012/early 2013, he starts recording new material, better oriented for the real A2aThoT sound, that will be featured in the EP, “Trust Your Ear”, published in March 2013. It contains three songs (total running time: 24:30):

1. Delirium Of The Sane (part I) (7.29)

2. So Pure, Everything Leaves Life (7.36)

3. Andromeda’s Misunderstanding (9.18)


The EP is a complete mix of Doom Metal, Psychedelic Music, with a great taste for experimental things. The sound is deep, dark, and will take you down, below the growling vocals (usually dubbed with clean ones), but always with a touch of melody and melancholic clean parts. Basically, a creepy atmosphere with a gentle touch of sadness. Let the sound of A2aThoT take you away, in a place where you will find no happiness, but only madness and sensitivity.


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“Trust Your Ear”(EP) album cover (2012)

“A2aThoT” album cover (2012)

A2aThoT cover

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