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Not bad really at first listen. Kind of like a mix of Hatebreed and Down/Crowbar/Pantera. The vocals almost sound Anselmo-ish. Good groove-type guitars. Thrashy drums and bass. I have never heard of this band before now. This was their 2012 debut and I think they may have a decent future ahead. Fans of groove/hardcore give it a listen.




1. Brothel in a Head

2. Go in the Fucking Hell

3. Coneranchozzz

4. Rejected

5. Pride of Prime

6. Why

7. New Revolution

8. One Day

9. We Will Fight

10. We Drive Now







Kirill Arkhipenko – Bass

Aleksandr Maltsev – Drums

Anton Sazonov – Guitars

Dmitry Lier – Vocals



Rating: 7 out of 10


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