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2 Black - Mind Infect

To say that this is just Old School Thrash would be to broad a generalization. There are some light moments among the heavy that work really well. The song Shadow comes in as an interlude before finishing off the album with some pretty heavy songs. It is really great to hear an album that ends strong and makes the album feel complete. Empty Promises and Collision Damage do just that. There is a subdued quality that comes across here also that works, you don’t feel like they are holding back but have planned time assaults for the heavy rhythms. While the singer does not sound like Paul Di’Anno I was reminded of him often throughout the CD. There is not a high bite to his voice but a great growl that does not fall into the death metal vein at all. The stand out guitar moment for me was Desolation-Desperation where the solo feels a lot like an homage to classic rock. If this was the eighties you would probably keep this album and not trade it, while thrashy you might pull this album out when you wore the grooves out of Bonded By Blood or Show No Mercy. Great efforts!!




1. Falling into Black

2. Mind Infect

3. As Long as We Breathe

4. Desolation – Desperation

5. Guilty Angel, Innocent Devil

6. The Inner Beast

7. Indifference

8. Shadow








Markus – Guitars

Greg – Guitars

Micha – Vocals

Denise – Bass

Rob – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10


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